About our Organization

FAVOR International is a  faith-based 501 c 3 non-profit organization.

Our Logo

 The heart represents courage although wounded, the hands represent power, the arms strength and support, the roots go deep so that the entire tree (you) will prosper and stand firm.

Our History

Our organization is based on a firm faith based foundation originally formed as FAVOR Ministry in 2005 under Restoration Interdenominational Ministries, Inc. In 2008, FAVOR received its 501 ( c ) 3 status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


The entire FAVOR family is committed to meeting the needs of faith based and community organizations as they meet the needs of their congregations and communities.

FAVOR is committed to providing much needed resources to faith based and community organizations, victims/survivors, and families that are coping with issues of violence and trauma related to crime victimization. 


We host a variety of specialized training opportunities to best fit the mission and vision of individual faith communities . We also provide support and guidance in the formation of new ministries to support the holistic needs of victims/survivors and their families.


We are concerned about social justice  issues that our communities face daily.

Our Seminars/Webinars

"When There's Violence in the House"

"Who's in Your Pews?"

"The Good Samaritan: Offering a helping hand to victims."

" Masking the pain: Substance Abuse and Victimization"

"The FAVOR Institute"

"Talking to Our Youth About Substance Abuse"

"Where There's  Violence There's Victims"